Erika Takacs Presenter Profile


Bursting into the limelight in the millennium, Erika Takacs rose to fame in the all-girl pop band TrueBliss. With the group, Takacs bagged a number one album and single, a 17 location nation-wide tour, and irreplaceable industry experience and insight – that continues to pay off. Erika’s spirited personality translated easily from singing to presenting too. Following the success of TrueBliss, Erika was the bubbly host of TV2’s weekly Coke RTR Top 20 music show, the face of Nescafe, and one of the local favourites featured on New Zealand’s instalment of Celebrity Treasure Island. And she continues to build industry cred from all angles. While Takacs’ recent ventures have been behind the scenes — working locally and internationally as a stunt coordinator with husband Allan Poppleton — Erika Takacs remains a Kiwi icon and a dynamic presenter.






Auckland , New Zealand


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