Chris Parker


Comedian, Writer, Host, Actor, MC

Chris is an award-winning comedian, writer and actor. A natural performer, Chris has travelled around New Zealand performing live shows for a number of years. He has appeared in New Zealand films The Breaker Upperers, Kiwi Christmas, telefeature Why Does Love and most recently Nude Tuesday. His television credits include Agent Anna and Funny Girls, along with various skits on shows such as Jono and Ben and 7 Days.


Auckland, New Zealand

Testimonials (4)

Sound of Music - Auckland Live

Chris Parker was fantastic to work with for our production. Super professional with media; the perfect mix of prepared and adaptable. We got some great media coverage due to Chris’ humorous, warm style which conveyed what an enjoyable event it would be. Chris owned the role as the Host. He adapted the script to make it current and his humour with the broad audience was pitched at just the right level – providing laughs and pacing as well as covering all logistics. Chris was a real pleasure to work with for everyone involved in this production. I highly recommend Chris Parker for any event or show where you require energy, intelligent humour and professionalism.

Elizabeth O'Halloran | Account Manager | Auckland Live