Cassie Roma Presenter Profile


Author, Keynote Speaker, Professional Coach & Mentor

Californian-born and Kiwi-bred Cassie Roma’s resume is proof that you can, in fact, have it all. With nearly 20 years of big business experience under her belt, it was no surprise when she found herself in a boardroom of another kind. One filled with the same action, but lights and cameras too.

Recognised for her appearance on The Apprentice Aotearoa, New Zealand’s instalment of famed international corporate reality TV show in 2021, Cassie is a boss in her own right. Observing 16 contestants, the show saw Cassie flex her corporate authority and impressive communication skills, making an impactful debut as a skilled presenter with an innovative approach. It’s that same kind of approach that landed her a TED Talk on achieving one’s purpose. Chair of the Auckland Pride Board for a year and a half Cassie takes her role as a queer woman in media seriously, and she’s not going anywhere. Most recently you can see her on Celebrity Treasure Island where she showcases her survival skills in a reality TV format.






Auckland , New Zealand


Championing Women & Girls in Music & Sports, Charity Giveback, Creativity & Art, Food & Wine, Leading With Kindness, LGBTQIA & Women's rights , Photography, Physical & Mental Wellbeing , Storytelling , Writing