Simon McKinney


Award winning Comedian, MC, Entertainer & Host

2007 Best Male comedian at the New Zealand Comedy Festival, Simon’s also been a nominee for the Billy T award. With over a decade of experience, he’s made four Pulp Comedy appearances and has over 300 performances in Britain behind him. And if you can survive there, you can survive anywhere. Interested in current affairs, Simon once helped ‘funny up’ a speech for Bill Clinton and has hosted many events ranging from the New Zealand Firefighters annual gathering to on-board live entertainment on a flight from Sydney to Queenstown. He’s co presented kids TV, excels at Theatre sports and is at home as an entertainer or MC as he is at making a large group of people laugh all at once.


Auckland, New Zealand


After Dinner Speaker, Comedy Host, Compere/MC, Debator, Field Presenter, Improvisor, Judge, Live Performance Host, MC / Stage compere, Mimic & Impersonator, Panellist, Radio Host, Reality/Entertainment Host, Speech Writer, Television


Adventure, Advertising, Author, Broadcasting, Conservation / Environment, Current Affairs, Film & Television, Food & Wine, Health & Lifestyle, Intrepid Travel, Music, Politics, Psychology, Race Relations, Research, Satire, Sport, Stand up comedy, Travel


Testimonials (19)

Simon's Smooth, relaxed style and tone hark back to the days of raconteur entertainers before it was even called standup; his snappy three-piece suit and blond quiff have me thinking 'Tintin Bond'. His affable, approachable personality has the crowd on-side all the way, and he barely even swears, so really in the present day comedy climate his old-fashioned glib charm is something of a unique selling point - Nik Smythe