Victoria Harris MC/Entertainer Profile


Finance guru Victoria Harris is seriously invested in women. Co-founder of The Curve, a platform for women to navigate financial investments, Harris is not just opening doors for the girls, she’s holding them as they walk through! A pioneer of change in the investment industry, Victoria (alongside co-founder Sophie Hallwright) is committed to demystifying investment opportunities for women, taking up space and, ultimately, bidding a final farewell to the so-called-boy’s-club. Drawing upon her own experiences in the industry to break down complicated jargon into simpler terms, Harris’ approach offers financial know-how and risk assessment from a fresh, accessible perspective. One that is less intimidating, but not less comprehensive. Experienced in working a wide range of events and panels (think: women-fronted organizations, summits, all-girls schools and more), authoring easy-to-access handbooks for The Curve Classroom, or chatting with Sophie on The Curve’s podcast, Victoria talks money from any angle — and she does. A truly dynamic and relatable speaker and change-maker, Victoria Harris will get any idea ahead of the curve.






Auckland, New Zealand


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