Sarah Perriam


Sarah Perriam has worked for over a decade behind and in front of the camera. She’s led an impressive career well-known for her role as a radio host on Rural Exchange alongside Hamish McKay and Richard Loe, and as a rural commentator on the AM Show. Sarah is recognised for her extraordinary commitment to discussing how NZ’s food and fibre is produced uniquely in comparison to the rest of the world - an often untold story. She believes by connecting curious consumers with NZ's passionate food and fibre producers with open hearts and minds, we will be fit for a better world. She truly is a national voice for our agri-business industry, with deep knowledge of the big issues facing our food and farming sectors. Currently, she is the host and producer of her own interactive video-radio simulcast Sarah’s Country. Recently, Sarah has been involved as a speaker and MC at a number of events around the country. Sarah is able to incorporate humour and enthusiasm while still delivering an important message where it’s needed.


Auckland , New Zealand


Testimonials (7)

Foodstuffs NZ Conference May 2018

Sarah recently gave a presentation to hundreds of Foodstuffs owner-operators and executives on the future of agri-business in New Zealand and around the world. She is an accomplished, passionate and well-informed speaker who definitely enlightened an audience keen to understand fundamental shifts in the way our food is being produced and the impact this will have on our futures. We would thoroughly recommend Sarah – Foodstuffs NZ