Cassie Roma


Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, Author, Professional Coach & Mentor.

Cassie Roma is at the forefront of the rapidly expanding digital revolution. She has been recognised internationally as a leading expert in the field of social media strategy and the influencer economy. Born in San Diego, Cassie has lived in New Zealand for over 15 years, working with some of the biggest corporations in the country, including Air NZ, The Warehouse Group, ANZ Bank and NZME. Now Cassie is a fully-fledged entrepreneur working as both founder and director of CR&Co, a game-changing consultancy and media business built around the impactful areas of brands where creativity, content and coding collide. Cassie is also a keynote and public speaker, who has shared her thoughts and stories of her incredible career at events around the world, from NZ Fashion Week to California’s renowned VidCon conference. Her insights and discussion around business, innovation and political advocacy are inspirational, thought-provoking and utterly fascinating.


Auckland, New Zealand


Awarded author & recognised industry "sage" , Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Presenter & Interviewer (Podcasts/Online Video), Professional storytelling & content strategy, Social & Tech Marketing for Connections


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