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TV Presenter, MC, Speaker

Bonita Nutall is a dynamic presenter with more than 20 years experience in virtually every facet of media communications. Having found (and hugely benefited from) her own unique voice, Bonita equips and encourages others to do the same. Their own way. A media professional, Bonita has experience as a speaker, MC, mentor, voice artist as well as a TV presenter and journalist on an international, award-winning program. In the self-titled keynote, Bonita encourages us to “turn up the YOU.” To lean toward an awakening: one that shows us how many parts of ourselves we are told to ‘turn down’ in our lives in order to fit in. Turn up the YOU starts with a reset! Returning to their own (full-noise) internal guidance system, audiences can reap the benefits of their own corporate presence without ‘turning down’ their true selves. With a focus on executives, women in leadership and business owners, her message also inspires audiences to crack their own “Voice Code”: essentially unlocking and innovating one’s own communication and leadership style. The results? Captivating, inclusive and unforgettable content. Charismatic, engaging and at home with any audience, Bonita brings a genuine, delightful edge to any audience at any event, provoking in-depth conversation and fostering new perspectives.




South African


Auckland, New Zealand


After Dinner Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Panellist


Adventure, Broadcasting, Film & Television, Health & Lifestyle

Speaking Topics

Engaging presentations, personal development, Lessons from the frontline: Navigate rapid change, boost happiness, cultivate, Mindset fitness in turbulent times: self-leadership, resilience, cultivating positive culture, The voice code: authentic, effective communication

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Auckland Association of Administration Professiona

Bonita is a force of nature with an infectious energy that reaches out across the room and captivates you instantly. Bonita makes everyone feel like they're getting a pep talk from their best friend with heartfelt moments, big laughs and small moments of reflection. If you need a little bit of sparkle, energy and enthusiasm at your event then Bonita should be your go-to person.

Samantha Lines | Committee Member