Matt Stellingwerf


Comedian, Trained Criminologist, Billy T Nominee

Matt is a 2015 & 2016 Billy T Comedy Award Nominee. Hamilton-born and Wanganui-raised farmer's son and trained criminologist, an award-winning bar fly...and genuinely lovely guy, Matt Stellingwerf is a man of contradictions. He expertly brings these contradictions to the stage with his typical low-key style and confidence, finding the humour in topics as diverse as love, mental illness, sex, drugs, and this crazy interview he once conducted with a serial killer on Death Row! Matt now brings a worldview inspired by alcoholic shearing gangs, bizarre Dutch relatives, and criminological theory to the stage and attempts to answer some of life's enduring mysteries. So come along, grab a brew, have a laugh and remember...lower expectations make it better for everyone! He has performed extensively around New Zealand, from Cape Reinga to Invercargill, and everywhere in between!


Auckland, New Zealand


Comedy Host, Stand-up Comedy


Current Affairs, Psychology, Research, Stand up comedy

Testimonials (3)

He chats about primatology, criminology, social media, politics and politicians, love, and the difference between men and women, among other things … If he looks like leaving the room without talking about the US Constitution, detain him. It's a superb story. Demand also to hear about ‘caring' on Facebook. They, as with the others, are well-constructed yarns, embellished with original thought enough to completely restore faith in the validity of an Arts Degree. Theatre Review - Jenny Gleeson, 10 Mar 2016