Chris Parker


Actor, MC, Entertainer, Host, Writer

Chris Parker is a well known face of New Zealand ’s entertainment industry, growing a strong reputation as a confident host with diverse performance abilities, stemming from his eclectic and extensive live comedy and television experience. From being writer and actor on Funny Girls, Jono and Ben and 7 Days to playing the iconic David Halls in the smash hit theatre show Hudson and Halls Live! nation wide. Parker brings his experience in television and live theatre to life at live events as an MC or entertainer.

As a comedian his New Zealand International Comedy Festival Shows frequently sell out and go on to more successful return seasons. His 2018 festival show was awarded the Fred Award fro best show and has gone on to be performed in overseas festivals. He has also written for the Basement Theatre’s highly successful Christmas show twice with both seasons selling out to operate crowds in Auckland over the festive season.

As a host Chris co-runs the successful podcast The Male Gayz along side Eli Matthewson, which has gone on to great reviews and a web-series on TVNZ on Demand. He also hosted TVNZ’s The Great Kiwi Bake Off’s An Extra Slice.

“If there were ever a pair of writers more deserving for a breakout telly hit, Chris Parker and Thomas Sainsbury proved it with the triumphant return of Camping ” - NZ HERALD

“The fact these two aren 't already stars is perhaps the most savage indictment on our eco-system you could hope to find. ” - Duncan Grieve The Spinoff

As an improviser and comedian Chris has over 10 years experience. He performs weekly at the sell out show Snort Comedy at Auckland ’s Basement Theatre. This experience has gifted Chris with a razor sharp wit and ability for off the cuff remarks which makes for a fantastic night. With over 100 shows under his belt as the 80’s camp celebrity cook David Halls in Hudson and Halls Live!

Chris is no stranger to being in front of an audience and the experience Chris has gained from performing the role of Halls means he has no trouble grabbing an audiences attention. Chris also won best actor for his portrayal of the role at the 2016 Wellington Theatre Awards

“Chris Parker (and Todd Emerson ), as Hudson and Halls respectively, are masterful in their command not just of the characters, and not just of the fast and extremely precise requirements of this kind of comedy, but of the surprisingly difficult process of cooking on stage while you ’re talking. ” - Simon Wilson Metro Chris Parker.


Auckland, New Zealand

Testimonials (3)

Janelle Bish. Producer, Programme Development, Auc

"Chris Parker emceed our inaugural Auckland International oCabaret Season in June, 2014.

Chris was known to me having seen him perform and host various events over the past few years. He is a seriously talented artist and emcee, with a quick wit, and a warm charm that immediately ingratiates him to audiences. Chris is a confident host with diverse performance ability and I would love to employ him in a similar capacity in the future."