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Quack Pirihi (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Wai, Ngati Porou) is a takatāpui activist, a Māori advocate and compelling creator who moves with mana and flair. Known for their sharp, on-the-nose takes and humble, informative Tiktok videos, Quack creates content that uplifts those in their communities, educates those who are not, and makes everyone snort-laugh in the process. Channelling their creativity through online activism, change-making and the arts, Quack’s feed boasts a thought-provoking range of original content: a reflection of their passion and insight into queer joy and modern indigeneity. A board member for 2022 Auckland Pride and Rainbow Youth (2 years), Quack has featured in heaps of diversity campaigns for major New Zealand organisations and brands, and they will continue to lend their radical lens – and devoted following – to the causes that move them.






Auckland, New Zealand