Shyvon Campbell


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Shyvon Campbell is an ambitious professional dancer that has taken the hip-hop industry by storm. Growing up in Auckland she trained under world-renowned choreographer Parris Goebel. Her professional career took off when she was featured in Justin Biebers music video "Sorry" which has led her to pursuing further goals in LA. Shyvon has most recently worked with Jennifer Lopez, Dinah Jane, Halsey, and found herself in the spotlight alongside infamous supermodel Hadid sisters in Rihanna's SavageXFenty Lingerie Line at NY Fashion Week. Shyvon lives a healthy, very active lifestyle and is passionate about beauty and fashion, her ever-changing coloured hair as well as travelling the world through dance. She puts out an edgy, boss babe, go getting energy that alongside her unmatched talent, relates to and inspires her following.


Burbank, United States of America